The magazine carries a full lineup of monthly events much sought after by the residents of SCCL.
SCCL Media Resources
We, the publishers of "Living @ Sun City Carolina Lakes," strive to meet the needs of the residents of the Sun City Carolina Lakes community, through interesting articles, timely information and through appropriate advertising that helps enhance living in the Sun City Carolina Lakes community. Every month, each household in the community receives a magazine at no cost to them. There is also an online version of the full magazine where advertisers can link dynamically to their website and email.

This magazine is the only hard-copy* of such things as schedules of the various clubs, sports and social activities that are happening in and around the amenities centers and the various other venues within Sun City Carolina Lakes. The magazine is also the resource for the names and phone numbers of important contacts.

     In addition to this magazine, residents of Sun City Carolina Lakes have available to them:
 ~ a) access to a website restricted to this community, and
 ~ b)
if they use Comporium Communications as their cable TV service provider, access to a localized closed- circuit TV channel.
     This magazine, however, is the only printed information, updated and distributed on a regular basis, which provides regular schedules, and important information regarding the community.